Enhanced Recovery Webinar Series

In the first of its kind, the AANA is hosting a series concerning the various aspects of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery® (ERAS) protocols. CRNAs can advocate for patients by educating themselves and other healthcare providers about the importance of ERAS.

The knowledge to drive change.

This unique series will empower you to champion ERAS protocols for your facility. You’ll hear directly from experts in your field and walk away with tips and insights for engaging your team and implementing and measuring an ERAS pathway. You’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to reduce the need for opioids, improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Stick around in case you have questions—at the end of each recording there was Q&A.

You can help solve the opioid crisis.

CRNAs are pain management experts who are uniquely qualified to help solve this problem using ERAS protocols. Be sure to take advantage of this ERAS series and become a change agent for your healthcare organization.  Now that’s education worth exploring.

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  1. Lessons Learned: Meet the Interprofessional Team

    Lessons Learned: Meet the Interprofessional Team


    General Price: $50.00

    Associate Member (Student) Price: $0.00

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    1.00 Class A Credit

    Course Expiration Date: 12/18/2020

     Upon completion of this course, the learner will be able to:

    1. Describe leadership and business skills necessary to develop, implement and sustain an enhanced recovery pathway and program. 
    2. Outline communication techniques from real-life stories to address challenges experienced by the team.
    3. Discuss patient education, engagement and communication techniques from the time the procedure is scheduled to 30-90 days postop.

     Supported by an educational grant provided by Pacira.

     ***Those that received CE credit for the live webinar, Metrics to Assess Your Enhanced Recovery Program for Continued Improvement and Team Engagement, CANNOT claim CE credit for this course.***

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